Tuesday, August 6, 2019

atherton tablelands (crater lakes NP, babinda boulders & more) ~ queensland, australia

the atherton tablelands were our next destination in queensland (australia) after the beautiful UNESCO heritage daintree NP.
lake tinaroo, QLD, australia
the highlights here were the crater lakes NP with the lake barrine and lake eacham. in the lake eacham was possible and allowed to swim despite its freshwater crocodiles as they do not attack people 😃. To see the platypus (schnabeltier), the one of two egg laying mammals in australia in a small creek close to yangaburra was also a nice experience, you know?

The dinner in a french restaurant on my wife's birthday was also a very appreciated variation to the standard fish & chips or burger menu in northern australian food courts. and yes, there was also the babinda boulders jungle and swimming paradise and the best bananas we have ever ate directly from the farmer. of course, there were also forests and meadows with many, many, many cows and sheep and in the lower areas (babinda) also huge sugar cane fields, just to complete our impressions 😇 
lake quaids dam, QLD, australia
 yes, we have seen a platypus (schnabeltier) in free nature ~ yungaburra, the peterson creek aka platypus creek :-)
fields & meadows in the atherton tablelands
 lake barrine
 lake eacham
french restaurant in yungaburra
king peacock and company
mr. peacock at babinda boulders (babinde gorge)
the natural swimming pool at babinda boulders
is this a ferntree palm?
 two of us
 2 butterflies in love 💕
best bananas ever purchased directly from the farmer
more pictures here.
the overview about all our stops in australia is here.

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