Sunday, August 11, 2019

townsville + magnetic island ~ queensland, australia

our next stop in queensland after mission beach was the city of townsville and the magnetic island. why magnetic and why to visit it? well, captain cook's compass did not work properly there, so he thought the island was magnetic 😵. and we thought it should be possible to see a koala in a free nature out there and yes, we did :-)
you don't know what it is and it is ugly? yes, it is modern arts, my dears 😂
 arts ...
 arts or a python?
rose bay
part of the promenade, townsville
 rockpool with salt water = (box jelly fish) stinger free & crocodile free swimming in townsville
'the strand' beach, where i was swimming 'under control' of lifeguards. i wonder what could they do if crocodiles came? nothing? strand means beach in german. that's probably why is the main beach in townsville so named ... 
 two of us
 wedding #1
castle hill
sunset at castle hill
let's visit the koala island today, let's go to magnetic island by the sealink ferry. btw, book it online, it's cheaper than at the counter in the port
 leaving townsville

magnetic island NP:
topless on magnetic island  ~ popular rental cars
the forts
 (controlled?) bush fire in australia
nice swimming and climbing, but quite boring snorkeling at alma bay / arcadia

 picnic bay
 as the snorkeling at alma bay was not interesting at all, my only real touch with the great barrier reef (GBR) in australia was this aquarium at picnic bay 😖
picnic bay
banyan trees at picnic bay
horseshoe bay, magnetic island, QLD, australia
horseshoe bay, magnetic island, QLD, australia
koalas coming closer ...
(the fort area) => good morning, mr. koala 💗
nelly bay. our ferry to townsville is ready to leave the magnetic island.
back in the harbour of townsville 
city center of townsville close to the port, QLD, australia
back to our hotel seagulls resort at belgian gardens. who the hell are these 2 nightly guests? some australian wild cats? anyway, it was interesting experience, that in the hotel bar joined also few drinkers from the neighborhood at evening, so it was nice to speak to locals and learn much about the life in australia and multi-year trends (not only the prices of alcohol & cigarettes) from insiders' perspective ...
good-bye townsville, good-bye queensland, good-bye australia 😄

more pictures here.

after magnetic island we went back to cairns for 2 (or 3?) nights and visited the barron river mouth and the mossman gorge. these trips are covered in the blog post about cairns and the daintree NP. the overview about all our stops in australia is here.

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