Saturday, February 8, 2020

my first snowshoe hike at lake spitzingsee

when your children are small, you have to teach them everything. when they become bigger, you can learn a lot from them 😄. it is as easy as that ... i should probably start a series / hashtag #learningfromchildren, shouldn't i?

#itisnevertoolate aka enjoy pictures from my first snowshoe hike (schneeschuhwanderung) with an altitude of more than 600 metres with my eldest daughter + her boyfriend at lake spitzingsee in the bavarian alps. => DAY #1
lake schliersee (784 m.a.s.l.) on our way to spitzing
starting point of our winter tour was the frozen lake spitzingsee (1084 m.a.s.l.)
snowshoe hike is challenging, my dears ...
 schönfeldhütte, 1410 m.a.s.l.
DONE 😃 ~ the summit on the left is rauhkopf,1689 m.a.s.l.
... rauhkopf has moved to the right
taubenstein 1692 m.a.s.l.
this nice cottage 'obere maxlraineralm' (1520 m.a.s.l.) caught fire just 1 day after we were here ... so sad :-((((( does it burned down completely? i don't know, but the damage costs are approx. 50.000 € if i remember that headline correctly
unser einer trinkt maxlrainer 😂 ~
maxlrainer beer mug, but the dark wheet beer is a different brand => fake news?
let's bring home a luck stone for my wife 💖
back to lake spitzingsee; a small church from stone.
DAY #2
my wife was so impressed by the snowy countryside just 1 hour away from munich that we came the next day again here. we walked around the lake spitzingsee + went up to the skier cottage untere firstalm (1318 m.a.s.l.) + enjoyed some rest and a good dinner in the historic restaurant 'historische wurzhütte' from 1720
MoCo 💕
 untere firstalm (1318 m.a.s.l.)
so true
a frozen creek is in germany nowadays not often to see ...
two of us
back to lake spitzingsee
wirtshaus historische wurzhütte from 1720
good night, lake spitzingsee 💋

just in case you didn't know: bavaria is beautiful! the mountains from down, the church from outside, the alehouse from inside ... like today at lake spitzingsee 😂

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