Sunday, September 18, 2011

learning from children how 2 make sushi + how 2 SAVE the WORLD!

what a day with family & friends! cozy breakfast, bowling, learning 2 make sushi, playing darts, all day with family + our children friends ... it has rained all day but nobody cared, nice! btw, ive also uploaded few pics :-)

you know what? the really strange part of that 4 me? well, the best ideas came from our children ... hmmmmm, we really can learn a lot from our children:

OMG+OMG+OMG! even 13 year old children are much smarter + much more awoke than all the adults running the world ... shame on us adults for not making the world better :-( ... it wouldnt be difficult or costly or whatever else we fear that much ;-(

of course, ive already collected and linked together more of this kind of stuff ~ enjoy :-)

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