Saturday, May 23, 2020

lake neuhauser see (schifferer see)

we like meanwhile the lower bavaria a lot, you know? thus we spent the first weekend where bavarian government allowed individuals to sleep in a hotel as a tourist and to move freely without a 'specific reason' in neuhaus am inn.
the former neuhaus abbey, today the maria ward highschool 

as the weather was not good enough for hiking in the nearby böhmerwald / bayerischer wald mountains, we've visited the cities of vilshofen + passau and spent a lot of time bathing in the quite nice query pond neuhauser see (schifferer see).

enjoy few pictures 😄
lake neuhauser see (schifferer see)
hartham (part mittich)
lake goder baggersee ~ hartham
a wooden bridge over the rott river
rott river
 dschungelcamp kayking in rott river
 rott river meets inn river in front of schĂ€rding (austria)
rott river
the former vornbach abbey
castle vornbach / former vornbach monastery
inn river view at vornbach
finally, back to lake neuhauser see (schifferer see)
poor bumblebee ~ dumbledore ~ hummel ... still alive, but not strong enough :-(
back in our hotel in neuhaus am inn. 
there are not many cars in coronoia times on the roads, are there?
neuhaus (DE) + schÀrding (AT)
neuhaus am inn
inn river view at neuhaus
neuhaus, alte innbrĂŒcke
what a tasty wheat beer from the löwenbrauerei passau
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