Sunday, December 29, 2013

lake langwieder see

what a nice walk with the best of all wives today in the western part of munich (langwied + obermenzing close to münchen-pasing-aubing) and out of the city .... it was like a summer walk, but we have end of december in munich now ... what did we do to our climate, my dears? it was probably not so good idea to burn all that oil, gas, coal and the half of our forests in the last 100 years, was it? btw, here is my climate 2013 report (so sad) reprinted from truthout few days ago
performing a handstand in (not frozen) lake langwieder see
a small indio village tipi-platz with native inhabitants?
walking inside ...
is this an always open library inside one of the always open tents? yes. community model? open access + open source, it means everything belongs to all and we care about it and share it wisely. something like linux, mozilla firefox, wikipedia ... it works, you know?
lake lusssee
lake birkensee
lake birkensee
back to lake langwieder see and to our car ...
lunch in bavarian pub 'alter wirt' in obermenzing, the 2nd oldest in munich as far as i know, since 1417

more pictures from the 3 lakes + 1 indio village here in my g+ album => enjoy. btw, if you are interested in few summer pictures from langwieder see / lusssee / lußsee, here we go  :)
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