Tuesday, August 12, 2014


enjoy view insights + pictures from my father-daughter-program in london & south england

first of all, we have had nice weather as you can easily see at the pictures and yes, we have had nice time there. i have been to london 20+ years ago, but what surprised me this time most was that i didn't feel like abroad. strange, isn't it? maybe because we spoke german to each other and i also met 3 friends there i spoke german, slovak and english to. and yes, many things were somehow similar to our last year's father-daughter-program in new york. maybe because of the overwhelming surveillance all over the city :-( ... omg, dear broken system #stopwatchingus you can't afford it anyway :-)

our next stops after london were (pictures + stories follow soon, i hope):
st. pancras station. we have seen it every day, but not only therefore it is this my favourite london view 
the traveller lodge was next to our hotel
city of london, palace of (in-)justice :-)
a gallery at the strand
the return of the rudeboy exhibition
tattoo exhibition
coming closer to the river thames
the shard, london's highest view point
the waterloo station
 tower bridge
save the tourists, tell them where to look
in the george pub next to borough market
oxford street
inside the king's cross station. here we have had breakfast twice
 platform 9 3/4? is harry potter out there?
london eye + the ugly shell building
 big ben
 CCTV, big brother is watching you as there is surveillance all over the city :-( ... omg, dear broken system #stopwatchingus ... you can't afford it anyway :-)
orwell's 1984 were not that bad as the reality today, was it?
i've forgot the name of that church / tower close to the victoria station we went up by a lift and saved our energy. there was not allowed to use the stairs, after all :-)
good-bye, london
few more london pictures here

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