Sunday, January 31, 2021

polizisten für aufklärung ~ JOIN the corona PROTEST

next anti-corona demo in munich again. when will YOU join the protest? we protest every week ... and ten (hundred?) thousands watch the live streams ... stop the NWO :-)

poor justitia

most speakers today were from the policemen for enlightenment (polizisten für aufklärung) movement (bernd bayerlein + vicky richter). and there was the wonderful lawayer markus haintz, too ... and some arts like the bavarian gstanzl-music, few peace songs, many activists friends of mine => a nice evening again 😍

bernd bayerlein, polizisten für aufklärung
prayer for freedom + peace
prayer for freedom + peace
friedensboote ~ peace messenger + peace vehicle in police colors 😂
they've arrested the former police officer karl hilz again. shame on you, police 😓
polizei, polizei, polizei 😡

... and there was some peace music too

i liked the music band, especially their lyrics.

let's stop the corona plandemic.

more pictures here (demos 24.01.+ 31.01.2021).

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