Sunday, December 9, 2012

wake up, my dears ~ switch off mainstream media

the current goal?
source: here

few examples how the dirty main stream media game works. what about obama?
source: here

and now please wake up, my dears ... which one in the following picture is YOU? 😏
source: here

more mainstream media (MSM), source here .... that's a horrible way to insult prostitutes, isn't it? 
let's call them better presstitutes 😆

source here

how the mainstream media propaganda works. west vs. east. source here

next one, source+story here ... this picture insults witches, true?
what to do against that? let's join in the streets => OccupyWallStreet, OWS, OccupyYourStreet, OccupyTogether, RealDemocracyNow, my dears 😄

... and yes, let's avoid this, my dear police:
source: here
source: freiheitsgedanken @instagram

don't fear our fight for freedom 2012 or the rEVOLution, friends ... everyone fears someone / something :-)
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