Saturday, January 16, 2021

ohlstadt ~ winter in the bavarian alps

what a wonderful winter day in ohlstadt in the bavarian alps (close to garmisch-partenkirchen). i have been to ohlstadt in springtime at a my company's work shop where they've tried to find some usable strengths in me 😂 few years ago, but a sunny winter day is even nicer. on our way back i liked to swim or skate (yes, i had both equipments needed with me) in/on the lake soier see in bad bayersoien, but the lake was completely frozen and ice-skating prohibited. maybe there are some warm springs and the ice not strong enough ...

ohlstadt as seen from its boschet neighborhood
cross country ski track (loipe ohlstadt)
the blueland arena is the place, where the best wedding of the year happens in may, you know?
today i've understood why they call the area blue land (das blaue land). you too?
bavarian alps south of murnau and bad kohlgrub (the hörnle mountain?)

welcome to lake soier see / bayersoiener see in bad bayersoien:
frozen lake soier see / bayersoiener see 

more pictures here.

more bavarian lakes? here :-)

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