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dr. hamer ~ causes + healing of diseases

there are diseases / suffering, which cannot be cured by aspirin & penicillin, you know? 😊

translation in 9 languages in table 'Languages' ~ germanic new medicine (GNM) after dr. hamer at website disease is different ~ easy to understand cartoons about CAUSES OF DISEASES and thus in some cases about sustainable healing by solving the root cause of our disease => wanna give it a try? you will feel in less than 5 minutes if this approach fits to you / your beliefs and if yes, you can watch all 7 short videos in 1 hour and benefit tremendously from that logical approach 😍

of course, there is a lot to say about dr. ryke geerd hamer and about many different accusations concerning conspiracy theories, antisemitism, charlatanism, loss of medical license (approbation) and even jail for some time ... well, as it is not relevant for the videos about diseases, i'm not interested in that part of his personality and in order to know i only could research on the internet as you also can if interested. thus i will provide only few words about the controversal dr. hamer and his family below ... 
part 1 of 7 (in  english), remaining at disease is different or on you tube

here the german version => nein, es geht hier nicht um viren, sondern um allg. erklärung zur krankheitsentstehung nach dr. hamer in kurzen cartoon videos [5 Biologischen Naturgesetze (5BN) der Germanischen Neuen Medizin (GNM, NGM), Sinnvolles Biologisches Sonderprogramm (SBS), uvm.] ... für mich sehr wertvoll, horizonterweiternd und im alltag anwendbar 😉

teil 1 von 7, rest auf krankheit ist anders oder auf youtube

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer (1935 - 2017) was a german doctor of medicine. he and his wife sigrid (also a physician) had 4 children. their daughter Birgit Hamer was a photo model + actress and attended the beauty contest miss universe as miss germany in 1976. her 19 years old brother Dirk Hamer was shot by the italian monarch Vittorio Emanuele IV (Vittorio Emanuele di Savoia) during holidays on corsica. the reason? his friend borrowed / took a rubber boat of the monarch in order to reach their yacht without asking ... the innocent and sleeping Dirk was injured and died few weeks/months later. just in case you are interested what happened to the monarch, he was acquitted of a charge (freigesprochen). since then tries birgit hamer to reach a conviction of the monarch.
after the death of their son, both parents got cancer and that was the beginning of the research concerning cause reasoned diseases and their treatment by dr. hamer ....
birgit hamer

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