Wednesday, December 31, 2014

poland, winter 2014 ~ lodz, ustka (stolpmünde), kaszubi, darlowo, treptow, stettin

having nice time in poland wirth family + friends and the best of all wives 😄

lodz / lodsch

kaszubi / kaschuben
ustka / stolpmünde
villa red, 1886, otto von bismarck's residence in stolpmünde
sylvester 2014
... walking around in ustka / stolpmünde
seagulls (möven)

1911, town hall
also from 1911
  arts??? at the sea side promenade
 crazy in ice cold baltic sea water
darlowo / rügenwalde
castle in darłowo from 1352
 typical farm house in pomorze / pommern / pomerania:
 dąbki / neuwasser ~ between the lake and the sea :-)
lake bukowo
sea side
do you like waste on the beach? no, not at all and thus i do not leave any waste there :-)

slupsk / stolp ~ we have been here in the beautiful slowinski national park (moving dunes) in summer time some 15 years ago. unfortunately we didn't manage to stop here this time, we've just driven through Słupsk

Ustronie Morskie / Henkenhagen
gorilla guru + the sun + the wind + the rainbow are back today :-)
Trzebiatów / Treptow an der Rega
town hall + city square
look at the 2nd house (pink color)
.... inside :-)
Dziwnów / Dievenow
bay / lake side
sea side
Świnoujście / Swinemünde
map of the northern part of the szczecin / stettin bay (with Świnoujście / Swinemünde in the centre and dziwnow / dievenow at the upper right side) ~ source wikipedia
 river swina ~ ferry for free
 military port
 swinemünde city center
our last stop? szczecin / stettin :-)
more PL-pictures here

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