Sunday, June 5, 2022

vorderkaiserfeldenhütte 1388m, kufstein AT

what a nice hiking tour in austria with my eldest daughter & my son-in-law. we have been at the cottage vorderkaiserfeldenhütte 1388m, which we arrived after a steep ascent from kufstein (tirol, AT) in 3 hours. we have been lucky that the thunderstorm ☈🌁 came after we arrived at the cottage. but yes, we planned the tour that way and started early 😄

enjoy few pictures, especially:
  • the sunset view to wilder kaiser massif as seen from the cottage in the evening
  • the wonderful inversion with the clouds over the inn river
  • my nice tour to the nearby naunspitze 1633m next morning
all in one
kufstein castle
the pendling hill
finally arrived at the vorderkaiserfeldenhütte 😃
3 of us?
vorderkaiserfeldenhütte 1388m
the naunspitze 1633m (and the vorderkaiserfeldenhütte) are part of the
zahmer kaiser massif in the kaisergebirge
what a nice inversion in the early morning with the clouds over the inn river 😄
the lower naunspitze + the higher petersköpfl above the cottage vorderkaiserfeldenhütte
wilder kaiser

more pictures here.

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