Saturday, July 15, 2023

canyoning, AT

my first ever canyoning. great. the hochalpschlucht in the lechtal valley in tirol, austria, was most likely quite an easy tour ... but for me difficult enough 😄

we've stayed at the gasthof sonne in häselgehr, the probably worst hotel i coud imagine. we have had bunk beds (stockbett) and we were 3 guys in a 6 or 8 people room. by a strange coincidence i took a look in the 'closed' private area just behind a curtain and i've seen two horrific clutterer (messie) rooms which could belong to the owners .... anything positive out there? yes, it was really cheap, the breakfast for 5 € was surprisingly tasty and our canyoning base camp was just vis-à-vis over the street ...

not easy, is it? 😇

the next morning was everything fine: mk-canyoing base camp => village steeg => hochalpschlucht => short introduction => canyoning .... well, i was a little bit afraid, because it was my 1st time +  i've really no talent to handle all that ropes, buckles and handles + there is also already a fear of heights in certain circumstances + i also do not like water in my ears ... you probably ask yourself, why for hell's sake i decided to go there, doesn't you? well, in a weak situation of my mind i just promised my buddy to take part in this year's old boys weekend trip 😇🐋🍀

it was a beautiful experience and i'm happy i've joined the team💓... well, the beer garden afterwards in munich was nice, too 😎🍻🍀

enjoy few pictures:

not recommended: pension gasthof sonne in häselgehr
not our rooms. thx goodness!
mottos 1+2 for my decision to participate? 😂
lechtal valley, AT
hägerau, lechtal valley, tirol, austria, AT
3D paintings on the walls + some tirolian church
almost all of us in the hochalpschlucht (hopefully indistinct & anonymous enough as
i do not want to 'present' any of my buddies in the internet without asking them before)
i was told our creek enters here the lech river, but it seems to be much to small compared to my believes and memories from its size in germany in füssen / schongau / landsberg / augsburg 😃

few more pictures here.

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