Friday, October 31, 2008

current account size: 125 €

folks, i'm waiting for an answer to my compliance @ cmc-markets concerning wrong liquidation of orange juice last friday and also for 'arrival' of €303 on my account (today? on monday?). that will increase my all time 'investment' in CFDs to 2525 €uros ...

open positions: none

lessons learned: with such low trading budget like mine it is very, very difficult to try things out (e.g. trading the late movements in DJIA in tick-chart window), because even when the profits/losses through changing luck are not high, unfortunately even a small draw-down of €200 caused the liquidation of my commodity positions at multi-year-lows ;o(( ... silver, natural gas, orange juice, coffee => let's try to 'find' at least 700 - 1,000 additional €uros for this day-trading experiment and hold just few commodity positions till then.

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