Thursday, October 23, 2008

next bad day

next bad day for me :o((

natural gas stopped out with a small loss; 5 DJIA trades with small losses (the market didn't like my bet); overall loss of 125 €uros :o((

item--------------: natural gas >> position closed
units--------------: 1
order type--------: market (buy) / limit (sell)
trade type--------: long
entry date--------: 10/16/2008, 18:12
entry price-------: 7.06
initial stop-loss--: 6.66 ... ... must always be filled :-)
new stop-loss----: 6.77
exit date---------: 10/23/2008, 15:23
exit price---------: 6.77
profit (loss) in %-: (4.1%)
profit (loss)------: 0.29 => ($29)
reason why + strategy: in my opinion is natural gas so unbelievable cheap that i will enter this position immediately, even when my stop-order was 'reached' i.e. executed today
lessons learned: as the fear is everywhere in the financial markets, the price can fell even deeper; my stop order was processed; exit with a small loss => ok

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