Wednesday, October 1, 2008

no trades today as i've attended a commodity conference in munich :-)

no trades, no trades, no trades today as i've attended an interesting commodity conference which was organized by axino & cm-equity in the city's best hotel

there were some very good remarks from cm-equity ceo heiko (?) about the current markets (stocks, gold, interest rates, bailouts of u.s. banks, panic in the financial sector, ...) and also some very interesting charts + ratios concerning inter-market-correlation. of course there were also short presentations of 6 companies: dundee precious metals (gold, moly, Cu in bulgaria, serbia, armenia), sino resources group ltd. (coal, china), commerce resources (tantal, niob), burcon nutrascience [canola (=raps) proteines], western potash (potash) + western geopower (energy).

what else? there was also some food, fruits + drinks for free, but many greedy attendees took so many sandwiches themselves that for few people like me there were just few butter-pretzels left ;o((. so i took 2 of them and filled my stomach with some very tasty fruits + few cups of coffee ...

furthermore i've met the slovakian ceo of megastar (gold, quebec, canada) and welcome the chance to speak slovak. let's look @ their homepage and check if it would be a good place to 'park' some money and profit from company's development :o). well, first of all i need to find some money for investments... my wife will not allow me to transfer a penny from our plundered 'security' account anymore :o((

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