Sunday, October 19, 2008

stockflock, sixt, entrepreneurship, state controls

what is stockflock or what could/should it become? folks, yesterday i've attended its 1st BarCamp, more precisely StockCamp in munich which was devoted to the 2008 financial mess we are facing just now. it was fine [interesting speeches + delicious catering thx 2 sponsors munich stock-exchange + the bavarian multi-millionaire erich sixt, the founder and still a major owner of his succesful car rental company sixt. btw, sixt is not only famous for having nice cars, but also for funny + creative advertising, like this superhit from matthias reim with new lyrics:

sha ~ verdammt ich lieb dich (also different lyrics than in the original son by matthias reimann)

there were many interesting presentations + mostly wise discussions. the 1st issue was a contribution of munich's lawyer about the security of bank accounts in case of bankruptcies. he started with a quotation of germany's alpha-banker ackermann (ceo deutsche bank): every bank will go bankrupt if the customers wanted their money back ... do u understand why i LOVE this fractional reserve banking sooooooo much? btw, chancellor's merkel declaration about the security of bank accounts 2 weeks ago is worthless!!! (in juristic sense, not in psychological :o)

a guy from finance department of bavarian government proved great presentation skills (the politicians are used to lull the masses:) and was really happy that the european governments could pretend a safe financial system with their huuuuge bailout a week ago ... well, i asked him if it is possible to solve a financial crisis caused by too much paper money by adding even more paper money to the system [would u try to extinguish fire by adding some more oil?] and then i asked how could this bailout effect inflation ... well, he told that to reduce the panic of the masses was the most important issue [or did he tell sth like 'to bring the confidence back' ? which is, btw, the same, just told in a more diplomatic way]. unfortunately, he could say NOTHING about inflation as that is the task of european central bank (ECB) ..... hmmmm, why do the ECB guys add soooo much paper/electronic money to the system in that case? ...OMG! few weeks later he become the bavarian treasury ministry ...

germany's famous stock-farmer (and stock analyst) brought some nice charts with development of dow jones index since 2000 transferred to price of some 'real' values like wheat, gold, copper, oil ... did u now that dow lost between 40% (wheat) and 85% (oil) since then and that u have made a big, big mistake if you have not sold the DJIA in 2000 and bought oil instead?

what about erich sixt? what about HONEST entrepreneurship? and on the other side, what about bailouts, state controls + regulations of economy? financial crisis? ... => let's fight state regulations and save capitalism! it had always been the survival of the fittest! could i remember also some other pieces of his wisdom? yep, here we go:

  • we need more entrepreneurs and less managers because a manager does what he knows and an entrepreneur knows what should be done :-))
  • honest (scrupulous) merchant philosophy is much better than nowadays short-term profit thinking + bonus oriented managing of companies
  • crisis is a chance for the solid companies to take-over their weak (2008: overleveraged & underfinanced) competitors and/or their market shares
  • if u trust someone u don't need a contract. if u don't, u shouldn't agree to a contract :o)
why did erich sixt launched stockflock? he doesnt trust much the (bribed!) analysts or financial advisers who promote the stuff their bank want to sell ... and he believes that AVERAGE PEOPLE OUT THERE can help each other to make some clever investment decisions, provide true information about diverse companies and their management, etc ...

folks, this is communication, sharing of knowledge, web 2.0! good-bye jesus, good-bye age of pisces and WELCOME the AGE OF AQUARIUS :o))

PISCES: "The Age of Monotheism, Spirituality, and the Fish" ...; The Age of Pisces is characterized by the rise of many religions such as Christianity, Islam and Buddhism due to "spiritual" nature of Pisces and its ability to go beyond the boundaries of the physical world. The Age of Pisces is mainly marked by the continuous research of mankind about the truth hidden behind what's perceived by five senses. ...
AQUARIUS: "The Age of Freedom, Technology (especially electricity), and the Water Bearer"; ... democracy, freedom, humanitarianism, idealists, modernization, rebels and rebellions, ... , communication :o)


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