Wednesday, December 31, 2008

current CFD account size €373

folks, i had to add some money again and my overall 'investment' into this trading adventure :o(. the costs of my trading study + the study of my soul since the very beginning in march 2007 reached € 3,333. what a nice number, isn't it?

well, i'm still trying to trade in the position-trader-mode even if the market seems to favor day-traders :o)). but as i know that i do not have enough time during the regular trading hours [and probably also not the appropriate intuition :-], so i do not really try day-trading now... well, i do often use a 5% trailing stop, but the huuuuge market volatility throws me too often out of my positions just to show me that the market moved in my anticipated direction later... well, i have to use stops anyway (compare my former lessons learned :o] as they help to protect my trading capital in case my opinion is absolutely wrong (btw, i would never, never, never believe that oil will fall from $150 to $35 in few months and without stops i would probably loose all my money while betting on its recovery starting from about $85, isn't it?)

open positions (all contracts are on the 'long' side :-):

2 x natural gas
1 x silver
1 x coffee
1 x orange juice
1 x sugar

... to do ... purchase date + price, stop limits, ...
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