Wednesday, December 17, 2008

interest rate 0%

these stupid governments + their small corrupt central banks are sooo unbelievable idiotic! how can they set the interest rate to ZERO? well, they did today as the FED + BOJ (bank of japan) cut their fund rates to 0%. i think, the ECB will follow soon :o(. what is the next step? a negative interest rate? will they pay the incompetent & greedy banks money in order to initiate them to borrow new money? as long as money is just a piece of paper or a number in some computer system they surely can do that. but let's wait till money is gold + silver again! let's wait for the coming monetary reform! well, what to do till then? let's launch a bank and also borrow all that MONEY FOR FREE! well, we will be not alone doing so as the last 2 u.s. investment banks (goldman sachs + morgan stanley) + american express + few other financial institutions changed their status to a 'normal' business bank already in order to participate in the crazy bailouts + to get all the money they want to from FED directly :o(

these politicians & central bankers are soooo stupid! welcome in the next round of inflationary horror! be prepared => buy as much gold + silver + oil + commodities as you can afford :o)). thx goodness, i've bought gold + silver + energy + commodity shares in the last 2 weeks with all money available! why? in 2009 (in germany) will all financial gains become tax related => let's buy stocks this year at these low, low, low prices and avoid that tax forever !!!

how liked the markets that sick zero-rate-decision? they liked it a lot:

  • silver +6,02%
  • gold +2,21%
  • DJIA +4,20%
  • s&p500 +5,14%
  • nasdaq100 +5,21%
  • eur/usd +2,62% ... => IMHO it is just the beginning of the end of the USD => good-bye USD! did u recognize the slight but important difference to 'good buy'? yes? well, the usd is not a good buy at all! if the u.s. government/FED will not stop creating money like crazy, the usd will join all other former paper currencies on their small dirty currency cemetery soon :o). good-bye our current paper-money-system, hello & welcome our next gold/silver based monetary system :o)

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