Wednesday, December 24, 2008

there is no santa claus ....


in munich is our x-mas dinner already over, in usa you will probably start with the celebration soon :-)

i've checked ALL presents under the x-mas tree, there was not a single stock or ETF from my 27 positions long wish list which i've published already in this november blog-post :o). do you think santa claus had no time to read my wish list or did he even thought that it is not a good time to buy stocks as they will fall further next year? who knows that?

... even if i got no stocks, no gold/silver coins (therefore i bought few myself), there were 2 nice investing books under our x-mas tree! one i've got from the switzerland's subsidiary of abn amro (jim rogers - a bull in china) and the 2nd from my internet buddy from berlin (a book on financial crisis ... the world is going to break apart :o)

i wish you all nice holidays + health + best luck + satisfaction for the next year(s) :o)

greetings from munich,
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