Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 - what a crazy year behind us!

subprime crisis, recession, depression, barrack hussein obama, huuuuge bailouts on banks + car makers, huuuge amounts of money pumped into the markets, interest rate cut down to 0% + huuuuge additional mistakes of politicians and their small dirty central banks all over the world ... ToDo :o) ...

but will all these market manipulations & regulations help somehow? or will that help just few 'bailouted' bankers + other buddies of current governments? what if the consumption has some limitations? what if everyone already owns a car(s), flatscreen-TV(s), notebook(s), ipod(s), mobile phone(s), ... who in the hell should buy all these new products? what about solid economic policies like wealth based on work and savings instead of borrowing and spending? what about solid money supply (gold standard)? what about freedom and cooperation in the world instead of wars on terror, (oil-)wars in middle east, wars against democracy in western democracies, ... ?

let's hope for a better world and let's support forces which could make it happen, ok? btw, my absolute favorite in 2008 for a better world order was ron paul and his presidential candidature, but he couldn't beat mccain who become the candidate of the republican party. well, after the 8-year-long-republican-disaster under 'ruinator' george w. bush there was time for a change of the ruling party (i don't believe in change in u.s. economic politics) = time 4 barrack hussein obama (= my older posting).
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