Tuesday, December 2, 2008

toronto60 long (again:)

item--------------: toronto60
units--------------: 1
order type--------: market (buy) / stop loss limit (sell)
trade type--------: long
entry date--------: 12/02/2008, 16:28
entry price-------: 510.3
initial stop loss--: 491.0
new stop-loss----:
exit date---------: 12/03/2008, 14:30
exit price---------: 488.5 (gap down)
profit (loss) in %-: (4.3%)
profit (loss)------: (CAD 21.8)
reason why + strategy: in my opinion will the stock market in general and the canadian commodity-based market in particular go up a lot => let's bet on that!
lessons learned: my opinion was (in the short term) wrong, the index fell after my stop limit just 3 points deeper :o((, then recovered a little bit, is now @ 499.9, i still believe it will go up significantly, my account is (again) too small to open a new position and will probably be liquidated tomorrow (margin buffer just about 38 €uros), but maybe i will have some luck and sugar / gas / coffee / o-juice will go up from the start :o))
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