Wednesday, February 11, 2009

+2.11% today ...

... and my stocks went in canada (after the german market closed) further up => let's enjoy the arbitrary price movements in germany tomorrow morning :o)

what about the general stock market today? there was not much movement in stocks today, they couldn't really recover after yesterday's -4% drop. the usd didn't change a lot against his paper buddy €uro, but there was a huuuuuge drop in the most commodity prices: oil -4.44%, gas -5.64%, base metals -3%, agriculture -2%

there were just 3 stars on today's commodity heaven:
  • gold +2.39%
  • silver + 2.81%
  • platinum +3.87%

well, i bet the markets expect a recession (commodities down) + destruction of paper money (precious metals up). what's your opinion?

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