Tuesday, February 17, 2009


it's craaaaazy !!!!

folks, i bet that the people out there on the markets lost their faith in corrupt governments, their small dirty central banks, fiat money, stimulus packages, etc. !!! why? just look at the market data today:

common stocks -4%
eur/usd -1.65%
commodities: between -2% (base metals) and -10% (natural gas, oil)
gold/silver +3%
gold/silver stocks +5%
my portfolio +3%

what are the folks looking for? i bet gold, silver, honesty, security ....


  • cardero resources (Fe)
  • coeur d'alene mines (Ag)
  • ECU silver (Ag)
  • excellon resources (Zn, Pb, Ag)
  • genco resources (Ag)
  • scorpio mining (Ag, Zn, Pb, Au)
  • coral gold (Au)
  • bravo venture (Au)
  • coeur d'alene mines (Ag) - AGAIN !!!
  • bhp billiton (Fe, base metals, coal, rare earths, precious metals)
  • crescent gold (Au)
  • dundee precious metals (Au, Cu - new)
  • microsoft (software - new) - the company with the highest cash reserves in the world! $25 billion?
  • premier gold (Au - new) - wrong timing here as the stock shoot up 100% in the last few weeks. well, i had no free funds earlier. let's enjoy the company development anyway :-)
  • MAG silver (Ag)
  • scorpio mining (Ag, Zn, Pb, Au) - AGAIN !!!
  • ECU silver (Ag) - AGAIN !!! one of the few still very cheap + not bankrupt junior explorers/producers
  • sterling mining (Ag)
  • yamana gold (Au - new)
  • paramount gold & silver (Au, Ag)
  • 1st majestic silver (Ag)
  • goldcorp (Au - new)
  • endeavour silver (Ag)
  • kirkland lake (Au - new)
  • cbh (base metals)
  • 1st quantum minerals (base metals - new)
  • franco-nevada corp. (resource royalty & investment - new)

folks, du u like casinos? no? i don't like them either, but i like to take some bets! well, i did wager 55 to 120 €uros that following highly bankruptcy endangered companies will survive and multiply my stakes:

  • RBS (banking - new! folks, believe me, i do not believe in banking, stimulus packages, nationalization of industries etc. :o). this purchase is to some degree just a carneval joke! as i saw that stock in my seldom opened watchlist #2 today i LOL & couldn't stop laughing! i've invested 111 €uros and bought 400 shares just for the sake to participate in the current financial mess out there ;o)
  • greenshift (clean energy, like RBS also highly bankruptcy endangered, my position and thus my overall risk is really low)
  • sterling mining (Ag - established 1903, bankrupt 2009? well, i've bet €55 on their revival (=2,000 shares incl. commission), but without their yesterday lost sunshine mine it will be very, very hard for them :-)
  • qimonda (semiconductors - new, technology leader + last european producer of some special kind of chips)
  • hy lake gold (Au)

well, why do i have not more money to invest? that's an easy one! because i've bought as much gold/silver/agriculture/energy stocks as i could afford now + in january + december + november :-)

i hope you did the same !!!

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