Tuesday, February 24, 2009

armageddon 4 gold bugs ;o((

aua, aua, aua!

gold -2%
silver -3%
my portfolio -4%

well, let's see what are the numbers @ the end of day ... the most of my precious metals stocks fell in canada between 8%-15%, i assume my portfolio will fall much more ;o((

cold comfort: i will get some new money in the next few days! it would be nice to buy all these pretty, shiny gold/silver/commodity stocks cheap :-)

do u now the saying 'plan your trade and trade your plan'?

here we go, my plan 4 the next shopping orgy:
  • silver and/or silver ETF (8K, just to keep some metal instead of paper (money) in case of some unexpected monetary reform)
  • summer holidays (10K, watch out new york! watch out california! WE WILL COME SOON :o)
  • security account with currently 6% interest (4K)
  • my CFD trading account (1K)
  • debt repayment 2 moni & cony (1K)
  • commodity stocks (think big => 10 x 1K, basically big & stable companies without any danger of bankruptcies ;o):
  • -> novagold (1k)
  • -> scorpio mining (1K)
  • -> cardero resources (1K)
  • -> newmont mining, kinross, barrick gold, yamana gold, silver wheaton, goldcorp, bhp billiton, levon resources, minera andes, MAG silver, orko silver, nanostart (5K)
  • -> renewable energy ETF + water ETF (1K)
  • -> oil/africa/vietnam/bric/chile/china/taiwan ETFs + some commodity index ETF/cetrificate (2K)

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