Sunday, February 1, 2009

current CFD account size €206

damned hell, that's sad!

i have nothing to add concerning my trading style :o((. i do know i should ALWAYS use stops when trading highly leveraged CFDs and if reasonable re-enter my winning positions again, but i can't :o(. why? well, i do probably trade my believes about the markets (e.g. gas is cheap => let's buy it) and not the markets instead (e.g. gas is falling deeper and deeper => do not buy it!) ... my goodness, i just copied my thoughts about my trading from a posting earlier this month, it's still true ... ;o(( ... :

what about my posititions? well, after my lovely, pretty, bonny silver was stopped out @ 11.06 and fell later to 10.55 and is $11.28 now ... and closed @12.62 on friday ;o(( ..., i had no silver-CFDs to profit from yesterday's huge increase. nevertheless i have to use stop limits in my CFD account, because all positions where i had stops like silver, sugar, coffee were stopped out after nice profits and just the 2 without stop limits (natural gas + orange juice) lost money, so i had not enough margin coverage on my account to re-enter some of my winning positions ... sugar + coffee made also double digit gains since then ;o(( ... => CONCLUSION: my mistake was not to place stop limit orders for silver + coffee + sugar, but not having stops for gas + o-juice !!!!!

my remaining positions:
  • 2 x natural gas
  • 1x orange juice

folks, i have to organize more funds for my trading account! why? with a small account is the chance to increase my account significantly much, much, much, much lower than the probability to lose all my money again and again :o). why? well, i do get wiped out easily on smallest market movement in 'opposite' direction :o((. are there any fans of larry williams? yes? great! listen to his opinion:

wanna more about larry? hmmmmm, what about some great trader's advice? yeaaaah? here we go :-)
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