Sunday, February 8, 2009

security conference? hahahaha ... the next wars planning!!!

folks, folks, folks!

i have been there! well, of course not inside the munich's most luxury hotel 'bayrischer hof' ... i have been with my wife and our youngest daughter among at least 5,000 other demonstrators [closed in by 3,500 heavily armed policemen !!!] in front of munich's city hall. after many speeches for peace, co-operation and disarming in the world + against the shortly heavily increased state terror & prosecution & monitoring of own population (pronounce: 'war on terror') in germany [3,500 heavily armed policemen !!!] continued the demo with a peaceful protest march through city's streets to the odeonsplatz, where the political-war-makers had their luxury culinary reception.

here we go! that's munich's city hall ...

... and that's me + my youngest daughter (on the right side:)
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Demo Sicherheitskonferenz München 7.2.09


what's your bet about the next seat of war just planned and approved by that conference? iran, pakistan, afghanistan, palestine, syria, saudi arabia, ... all of them? just in case you are still not 100% sure they really had planned WAR instead of freedom and security, please read the official list of attendees bellow, it is full of military advisers + commanders and their small dirty political marionettes:

the 45th annual Munich Security Conference. Here is a list of some of the attendees (found @ the 'official' conference website which is not worth the web space occupied! read better, siko 2009, ... )
a nice anti-war-motto found @ wir-stellen-uns-quer: "Wir werden dort sein. Wir werden den Kriegsplanern, den Kriegstrommlern und Kriegsprofiteuren lautstark und unmissverständlich klarmachen: Ihr seid die größte Bedrohung für die Menschen auf diesem Planeten. Ihr seid hier und überall auf der Welt unerwünscht. Wir wollen keine Kriegstreiber und Massenmörder in München. Krieg ist Terror."

here we go, the list of this year's conference warmongers + war profiteers:
_ U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden
_ German Chancellor Angela Merkel
_ French President Nicholas Sarkozy
_ Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov
_ Afghan President Hamid Karzai
_ U.S. Central Command commander Gen. David Petraeus
_ U.S. special envoy to Afghanistan/Pakistan Richard Holbrooke
_ Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk
_ Ukraine Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko
_ International Atomic Energy Agency Director Mohamed Elbaradei
_ Iranian spokesman Ali Larijani
_ British Foreign Secretary David Miliband
_ British Defense Secretary John Hutton
_ U.S. Senators John McCain, John Kerry and Joseph Lieberman
_ World Bank President Robert Zoellick
_ NATO General Secretary Jaap de Hoop Scheffer
_ EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana
_ Japanese Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada
_ Human Rights Watch Director Kenneth Roth
_ U.S. national security adviser Gen. James Jones
_ Canadian Defense Minister Peter MacKay
- ...
- various industry leaders (esp. military industry, of course)
- ...
that's about war! not security, isn't it? question of the day: what could be done with all the public money wasted on weapons, wars, security budgets + bail-outs on banks, car makers and other billionaires? i'm sure a lot!

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