Saturday, March 28, 2009


folks, i've bought few oil call options (warrants). this low, low, low oil prices cannot last forever!!! let's benefit from return to normality i.e. increasing oil prices in the next few years :o)

trading symbol: DE000GS1T1R3 (~ GS1T1R)
underlying future: brent oil
strike: $90
date of maturity: 11/14/2011
price: €1.28

damned hell, there must be some price movement in the next 2.5 years! hopefully is goldman sachs (= emitter) not bankrupt before oil skyrockets & thus my call options makes me rich, rich, rich ;o)). sounds like an easy bet, isn't it? well, there have been also much longer running call options and therefore much more expensive ones on the market e.g. emitted by jp morgan (5 years) and societe generale (till 2016), but i think 2.5 years is enough :-))

what about oil INVESTMENTs (not speculation!) in general? well, my trading buddy valentin covered that issue recently, pls read his complete analysis (in german) in his blog ... thx, valentin :o)

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