Tuesday, November 10, 2009

international gold bugs festival

folks, i've promised 2 tell you about the yearly highlight in the life of german goldbugs, the 2-days-long commodities + precious metals fair in munich. well, here we go:

it was sooooo great!

why? and what's there? gold, silver, coin dealers, about 60 junior explorer companies, commodity investment funds, banks, financial publishing houses, very untasty coffee + fast food catering services, presentations on gold + silver + money + inflation + monetary reform + state defaults, financial newsletter writers, commodity analysts, old faces you would never want to meet in a dark city street, conspiracy theorists, book authors, pretty hostesses, security folks, paranoid visitors, me.

well, for me it is always nice to see the faces behind my portfolio companies (there were abt 15 of them here this year!), talk to the CEOs or PR folks abt current + future developments, the markets, god & the universe (do not forget, the most of that companies are micro caps and so is the CEO often the only person willing to stay there 2 days long and talk 2 clueless public for no money at all :-)

of course, few ideas abt my mad moves there:
  • i've attended many interesting presentation like the one from ross beaty (the pan american silver guy), james turk (u still remember my former blog post?), thorsten polleit, u.s. silver CEO, prof. bocker, chris powell (GATA), robert rethfeld, ...
  • met many fellow paranoid gold bugs + austrian economists + folks i like & know for years + conspiracy theorists .... all of them not less paranoid than the 1st group!
  • bought few 1 oz silver coins (somalia's wildlife + 3 australian coins: kookaburra + tiger + ox)
  • got 2 silver coins for free (btw, both from my dream investments scorpio mining + 1st majestic silver), took (very) few promotion gifts for my children like pens, caps, candys, rocks containing gold mineralization, other gadgets, ...
  • and much more
u are right, i've also decided 2 buy few stocks with a sooooooo interesting story behind and did so already on monday. i'm a chap who takes a decision and sticks 2 his decision, you know?
  • great panther resources
  • osisko mining
  • guayana goldfields (see comment below)
  • magma energy
  • ...... folks, pls do not laugh too loud about me, but i've also increased my stake in my currently BIGGEST existing portfolio position AGAIN, no matter how well i know their story as there seems 2 be everything sooo fine: production + cash flow increasing steadily, no need 4 any additional financing, still low price ... if the stock becomes popular in some way or an other, the price will skyrocket as there are not many shares selling sooooo low at the market :-) ... it is again ...
  • ....... scorpio mining !!!
  • cuervo resources (iron ore in peru, 11.11.2009)
  • sandspring resources - (addendum 12/21/2009) -- gold explorer in guyana with already existing additional micro production of 5,000 oz alluvial gold a year -- last 'must have' company from that gold/silver conference purchased -- folks, it wasn't a stellar move 2day: this new company started trading abt 2 weeks ago at CAD 0.7 => moved to CAD 0.9 => fell back to CAD 0.8 => last quote? approx +30% at CAD 1.06 on friday => i have bought it right now before the canadian market opens in germany @ 11.4% ABOVE the latest canadian price :-(. why am i so stupid? i don't know, maybe i was a really ugly creature in my last life and that's why i have to carry this karma here and now. well, i do know the CEO a.drost for years and i do trust in his capability to start mining businesses again and again (he served as a director @ sabina gold & silver company for years + is still in the board of source resources). of course, i've just waited for the stock to commence trading and of course i especially opened a new account (@lynx brokers) where i could trade unpopular (~ i.e. low volume) canadian/australian mining stocks for low commissions at their home markets ..... but .... but i've recognized i don't have the minimal initial amount of €4,0000 to start trading/inveting yet .... and i even can't move the needed money from some other accounts soon (hey, should i close my approx €5,000 CFD account for that reason?) ... well, lynx is a futures broker as well (=> margin account), therefore there is this relatively high starting capital needed ... what to do in such a sad situation like that? my dear readers, i have bought an initial position @ 11.4% above the all-time-high + in addition with relatively high commission in germany (12€ @dab bank instead of €6 @lynx). hell, i'm in that stock now, so what? damn, now is my brains satisfied => do the folks out there call that stock-market-shopping-addict in general? hmmmmmm, could i call that my golden xmas present 4 myself instead? lol :-)
any other highlights? yeah! me, trying 2 steal a russian 13 kg gold bar the usual way:
me, don't giving up, trying 2 steal the sooooo shiny canadian 100 kg gold coin using all my unsound mental power (face value CAD 1 m, metal value above CAD 3 m):
pretty gold bugs hungry for gold:
what's next? trying 2 learn david copperfield's trick ... you know, the velvet cloth, putting it over the 100 kg coin, squalling hocus-pocus ... AND THE COIN IS MINE !!!
btw, do you still remember the last year's event?
addendum, december 12, 2009:
folks, the precious metals fair is not finished after it closes its doors, you know? for me, there is still a huuuuuge + enjoyable task to do: 2 read the 200 pages fat fair magazine/catalogue! well, i've finished it 2day ...
all that exhibitors presentations (approx 60 companies, few of them found a place on my stock-watchlist), all that articles of various experts and/or writers ... well, you can read it like a bible from the 1st page 2 the last one and you will find just one single mood inside! i'm going 2 sum it up 4 u in 2 sentences right now:
GOOD IS gold, silver, commodities, honest money, entrepreneurship, austrian economy school, freedom, markets, no inflation, wealth created through working + saving.
EVIL IS paper currency, corrupt governments, small dirty central banks, fiat money, state linked/controlled economy, keynes, bail outs + stimulus packages, debt, deficits, inflation, wealth 'created' through borrowing + spending.
damned hell, it is as easy as that! lol
addendum, december 22, 2009: a great day for abraham drost 2day!
  • sandspring resources +3.57%
  • sabina gold & silver -2.48% (anyway, intraday there was a new 52 weeks high established!)
  • source exploration +50.0% (~ 3times the usual volume, no company news, that's what i call 'performance' in junior mining sector!)
anyway, it was a weak day for me because gold + silver fell a lot 2day, so i'm happy that my portfolio didn't change a lot on balance. the only balance which has changed 2day was my body blood vs. hot wine punch balance, as me + my wife + a friend have been in the streets, indeed! folks, tomorrow is the last day of this year's hot wine punch season, because all these outdoor xmas markets close before xmas eve . any balance assuring ideas out there? lol
snowy greeetings from munich :-)

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jaro gruber said...

hell! 2 silver coins already gone (australia's "lunar" year of the tiger / ox / rooster / ... series)

... my wife ... (has no clue about investing and paranoid collecting of precious metals!) ... what a shiny coins! what a nice animal on the back side! and the current year on there! forget them, i will give them 2 my friends as a BIRTHDAY GIFT!!! ... folks, her friends are as clueless as she is! no, no no!!! why does that happen to me?

gone :-( ... forever away ... the year of the ox (2009) is no longer in my collection .... or do you think it could be a way 2 provide 2 new gold bugs for planet earth, is it?

hell, hell, hell! i'm going to put all my gold + silver into our safe ... and of course will change the number! what did i do in former life i got such a sad karma as that this time? lol :-)

btw, guayana goldfiels stock performs like crazy! folks, i felt that immediately when watching their booth equipment! they have SOOOOO MUCH GOLD they do not need it anymore and fill it into stupid pens in some stupid clear liquid and give that pens to visitors! caught it? they have SOOOOO MUCH GOLD they do not need it anymore!!! me, stupid idiot, took just 1 pen out there instead of 10,000. hell, my greedy brain, where have you been on friday + saturday? well, what's next? let's go to guyana and search for all that stupid gold they do not need @ guayana goldfiels!