Sunday, November 15, 2009

nobody wants gold! even not for 50 bucks!

folks, i wouldn't believe that like that is possible! gold is above $1,100 and still nobody wants/needs/knows it?!? is homo sapiens actually soooo stupid?

Mark Dice tries to sell a one ounce pure cold coin for $50 but nobody has a clue how much gold is worth, and nobody wanted it.

what about the gold ever mined? here we go! watch on twitter or put your eyeglasses on and look here:


folks, you know i'm not a chartist, but if it is true what i see in the picture, then there will not be much more new gold in the future, so (if the demand continues 2 grow) the price wil continue 2 skyrocket! ... let's hope it will be fun for the prepared folks out there :-)

gold + fun? ok, let's move to these nice cartoons :o).

addendum, december 8, 2009: let's laugh abt the 2nd mark dice video!

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