Monday, November 2, 2009

doubled my initial position in monument mining (MMY) 2day

folks, i've (more than) doubled my initial micro position in monument mining 2day. thx 2 mr. market's crazy shakes last week and thx 2 the panic out there i could buy it even cheaper than the 1st tranche...

i can't imagine why do the ppl sell gold/silver mines 20% below their price 1 week ago 'cos IMHO the gold mines have been as profitable when 1 oz gold sold at $1,060 as they are today at the same gold price, no matter if the price was the last 2 or 3 days a little bit lower, isn't? well, it doesn't matter for me, but would you call the markets rational?

well, the monument mining (MMY) stock is +9.68% today, the crazy german folks sold it through the whole day 5-10% below its canadian price, so i'm not gonna 2 complain about the homo sapiens (read comment #2) today :=)

the dear readers of my blog prolly remember cardero resources. why? it's just the next example for german craziness: cardero is -3.93% in germany and +6.45% in canada 2day. any conclusions? yep, here we go:

REMEMBER: buy unpopular & unsexy stocks in germany and sell them (watch out, that's the clou!) in germany if they become modern and everyone's + her neighbor's darling again :o))

ps: monument mining (MMY) will attend munich's precious metals fair next friday & saturday => let's talk 2 company management abt all coming up projects/developments there ...

pps: where come the fresh investment money from? hmmmmmm, it's a secret in general but in particular i can only tweet you it's my next year's pocket-money my wife gives me once a month and she doesn't perceived i've stolen it from our bank account this year! ... btw, it is ONLY €160 (an unheard of brassiness, you agree?) ... "and do not waste them on your stupid stocks again, you damned money-wasting gorilla moron, you! i hate you!" ... oh, my dear, what did i do in my former life i got such a sorrowful karma this time? LOL

addendum november 4, 2009 => monument monumental!
folks, that investment stuff is sooooo easy!

these kind monument mining guys have waited till i could buy my full line on that stock with my 2nd tranche a day or two ago and today is the stock +36.67% why? who cares? ... just kidding ...

well, they've announced today they've produced their first gold in malaysia, which they said they will start to produce in october in their former investors' message on September 16, 2009 ... prolly have the homo sapiens financialis out there forgot about that and sold that stock soooooo cheap for soooo long, unbelievable ... [btw, i've got that stock @ approx CAD0.3, the current price is CAD0.41 and the all-time-high was CAD1.2 => there is still a lot off upside potential there, isn't it? and on top they do generate cash-flow from their gold production now! i still can't understand why nobody liked that company ...]

ps: next explorer out of my portfolio moved to the (a little bit boring) producer division :-(

pps: freiheit, i hope your investment switched into green ink area today as well + thX 4 your $$ information above again
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