Tuesday, November 10, 2009

all-time-high in my portfolio again :)


my portfolio is back @ its all-time-high level again (btw, my stocks have needed 3 weeks to recover from the collapse in the last october days, their 'underlying' gold/silver recovered much sooner and broke out to new golden all-time-highs :-)

bye-bye, fraudulent fiat money system!
ps: i've bought 4 mining stocks and 1 geothermal company today (my ideas from the 2 days spent @ the munich's precious metals show/conference on friday + saturday). will make a new blog post soon. the highlight? me trying to steal the soooo shiny canadian 100 kg gold coin, but now i have to start to collect documents for my pretty tax advisor first and finish the stupid tax payments for 2008, otherwise i will have to keep posting from jail :-(
and i'm hungy too!

btw, i hate taxes!

addendum, november 19, 2009:

crazy financial markets or just crazy folks on the markets?

heya folks, you know, my portfolio was at all-time-high yesterday. well, that was yesterday :-( ...
today it was a little bit down through the day (approx. -1%), after market closed in germany i just wanted to see the results for the day ...... well, my 5 biggest positions performed like this:
  • scorpio mining -10,31%
  • novagold -10,43%
  • acadian mining -3,45%
  • u.s. gold -7,88%
  • orko silver -4,17%

i just thought: oh my dear, gold has fallen to zero and silver much below that! you know what? after a small intra-day loss both gold + silver have recovered and the current quotes are:

  • gold +0,15%
  • silver +0,03%

hell, how stupid is the homo sapiens financialis really? no, i'm not gonna 2 swear abt that this time ... i will better go take a bath and look later if the gold/silver stocks fell the same rate on the u.s. + canadian markets as well :-). did they?

btw, dear readers of my blog, i'm not going to bore you 6 times in 10 days with a message that my portfolio is a little bit higher again (it is a very natural thing in an uptrend :o), but i really wanted to tell you how unbelievable stupid we 'financial' folks as a group are ...

(source: www.eromism.com/img/homo_habilis_sapiens.jpg)

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