Tuesday, January 19, 2010

all-time-high :-)

folks, my investment portfolio rocks like crazy! a new all-time-high :-)

well, 2 weeks ago (beginning of the year) was my balance of all open positions tiny +7.97% and it is +20.12% now! of course, it helped a lot that yesterday advanced my single biggest position scorpio mining huuuuuge +11.94% and the volume was more than twice the usual amount. no news, of course :-). any reason for that increase? hmmmm, my guess?

1.) these many stupid folks who were willing to sell their scorpio shares that cheap are out of the market
2.) these few folks who want to increase/enter their positions understood that there will never be a cheaper share price out there, so they started to buy at current price and bid it up a little bit :-)

ok, the remaining increase of my gold/silver/commodities portfolio is supported by increasing gold/silver prices, i think.

well, we are in the early phase of a HYPER-INFLATIONARY HARD ASSETS RALLY, i believe :-)

let's enjoy future development of my investment positions and let's hope my struggling micro trading account will also advance soon :-)

of course, there will be days on the way up where every commodity + every commodity stock + my portfolio will suffer like hell for some trading psychology related reason and that will be prolly also the days when i will update my armageddon 4 commodities blogpost, but i do not worry too much abt that. as long as the (inflationary) trend shows up i will ride the trend, so what?

hell, hell, hell! that investment stuff is soooooo damned easy

addendum, 01/20/2010: yesterday an all-time-high, 2day the 2nd armageddon! well, we never know what's next! hell, maybe that's also one of the reasons why i like the financial markets so much, isn't it? it would be boring if everything was easy

silver and lead -5%, gold -2.5%, agriculture approx -2%, oil -2.5% .... the most of my stocks are down 3% - 8%, my daily 'performance' is -2.91% ... and that's prolly just thx 2 my biggest single position scorpio mining, which is +0.0% today. well, my guess which i have posted few days ago that the most stupid folks sold their scorpio shares soooo cheap already is prolly true, as there was not much volume 2day ...

any cold comfort? yep! i could move the next company from my gold bugs fair's watch list into my portfolio as the soooo low limit order was hit today - welcome, moly mines (australia ~ molybdenum, copper, iron ore), welcome!

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jaro gruber said...

OMG, one of my biggest positions, the australian base metals explorer/producer CBH got an take-over offer from the belgian nyrstar company @ AUD 0.195 per share (= a 39.3% premium above the latest quote AUD 0.14) => the stock went up to AUD 0.18 yesterday => there is still some potential on the upside, isn't it?

of course, that means a higher all-time-high for my portfolio again => that investment stuff is so easy!