Wednesday, January 13, 2010

armageddon 4 commodity bugs ;o(

ugly days, ugly guys!
hell, the 1st crashy day for commodities this year, let's call that armageddon 4 commodity bugs ;o(
well, there were many of them last year (approx 10 days, i think), read abt one of these ugly days here ...

what's my idea 4 this blog post? hmmm, i'm going to count these nasty money losing days in 2010, so in december there will be some number out there :-). of course, it will be subjective and maybe i will also miss few of them (esp. when on holidays!), but i think it will help me 2 track + understand the markets, so what?

well, i plan to update that blog post regularly and maybe even post few comments later abt some specific issues on some of the crashy days like 2day, ok?

btw, i believe that we are in a early phase of hyper-inflationary rally, so my portfolio is gold + silver + commodities + these sectors' stocks long only, of course :-)

few of 2day's 'highlights' :o(
  • my portfolio -3.06%
  • corn -7.10%
  • wheat -7.63%
  • gold -2.11%
  • silver -2.36%
  • oil (wti) -2.41%
  • lead 5.53%
  • zinc -3.94%
  • DJIA -0.34%
  • nasdaq -1.30%
  • ...
  • btw, yesterday was orange juice -11%. crazy, isn't it? well, the most commodities rallied the last few weeks, that's prolly the overreaction into the another direction :-). do you still remember our homo sapiens financialis?
hell, is the world going 2 break apart? let's check the news, if any, which could cause such a downturn ,,,,

armageddon #2, 01/20/2010: yesterday an all-time-high, 2day the 2nd armageddon! well, we never know what's next! hell, maybe that's also one of the reasons why i like the financial markets so much, isn't it? it would be boring if everything was easy

silver and lead -5%, gold -2.5%, agriculture approx -2%, oil -2.5% .... the most of my stocks are down 3% - 8%, my daily 'performance' is -2.91% ... prolly just thx 2 my biggest single position scorpio mining, which is +0.0% today. well, my guess which i have posted few days ago that the most stupid folks sold their scorpio shares soooo cheap already is prolly true, as there was not much volume 2day ...

any cold comfort? yep! i could move the next company from my gold bugs fair watch list into my portfolio as the soooo low limit was hit today - welcome, moly mines (australia ~ molybdenum, copper, iron ore), welcome!

armageddon #3, 01/21/2010: no comments
armageddon #4, 01/26/2010: silver -4%
armageddon #5, 01/27/2010: silver -2.5%, natural gas -3.5%, zinc -5.07% ... all exchange traded commodities despite orange juice (+1.5%) are down, down, down ... so is my portfolio

.... folks, i think i have to stop that 'counter' as there are too many armageddons out there ... or find a new definition for my pain facing all that losses

armageddon #6, 02/04/2010: commodities collapsed on a much stronger usd (e.g. +1.37% against its paper buddy eur):silver -6.66%; gold -3.92%, DJIA -2.61%, my portfolio -3.70%,wti oil -5.53%, .copper -3.18%, ... many of my gold/silver companies (even the industry leaders) are down between 5% (barrick gold) and 12% (hecla miniong), it's just crazy :o(

btw, if i would have any money now, i would BUY all that fallen angels like 1st majestic silver, impact silver, hecla mining, orko silver etc. ... well, i've bought cardero resource corp. + oroco resource corp quite cheap in the last 2 days (btw, i could get cardero 5% cheaper) as i had some remaining money at my trading account and couldn't believe why do the folks sell cardero much, much, much cheaper than their recently received cash reserves and why do the folks sell oroco @ CAD 0.22 when the insiders/managers paid CAD 0.25 two weeks ago => ???
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