Tuesday, January 26, 2010

siemens - the green giant?

what abt 2day's AGM (annual general meeting)? here the highlights, will prolly add some blah-blah later :)
  • great economic success despite the financial+economic crisis out there
  • very, very, very sustainable orientation on green products the world needs
  • biggest green company out there with EUR 23 billion in 'green' revenues (wind + solar energy, efficient light bulbs + energy transformation over long distances, electric cars + motorcycles, medicare, facility management, ...)
  • compliance / corruption issues after 2 or 3 years terminated
  • best stock in dax30 so far (+4.6% on a very weak general market conditions, closing quote +5.14%)
  • unchanged dividend
  • good outlook for the future despite tough economic situation thx 2 well positioned products + solutions for the expected 'green revolution' especially in the infrastructure field
  • the problems of the earth will not be solved in (political) conferences a la copenhagen, but through the development and adoption of sustainable, resource saving technologies a la solar energy project desertec in the sahara ... an area 0.3% of sahara's surface would provide enough energy for the whole world ... so unbelievable, i hope i got it right ... (and that would be clean energy!)
  • much more
electric motorcycle:
wind energy:
some food ...
... in the nosh temple :)
electric car:
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