Monday, January 4, 2010

performance 2009 + market outlook & strategy 2010

folks, the last year is over! i'm telling you, just in case you haven't mentioned yet , did you?

what abt my performance in 2009? well, i have 2 speed up that boring collecting of data from my accounts, tomorrow there will be new quotes again ...

a) investment account, approx 95% of all liquid funds

well, i hold my stocks usually longer than a year, so there is no exact performance measurment possible, but you know what? i have opened a new account in july 2008, so there is an easy 2 compute performance on ALL NEW POSITIONS purchased since then possible. btw, it is very similar 2 the 2009 performance as i bought few stocks before the crash in october 2008 and then managed 2 add huuuge amounts of money (from my job's earnings perspective) in november/december 2008, february/march 2009, may 2009 and a little bit in other months if there were some money left on my general bank account. thx goodness, in most cases BEFORE the markets advanced . btw, the dividends are not included in my performance statistics. why not? 1st of all because i'm too lazy to select them from my account bills (remember, there are companies like goldcorp, penn west trust and others which pay monthly dividends), 2nd because the most junior gold/silver explorer companies don't pay any dividends, so by keeping my money invested in some fixed-rates-securities instead, i would earn more interest payments than i've got dividends in 2009
  • performance 2009 (from 07/2008) = +59.11%
more details? as always, the link 2 my portfolio incl. mission statement, blah-blah, jim rogers video, etc.

b) (micro) trading account, approx 5% of all liquid funds

well, here i have the exact numbers! btw, before the commodities crashed in the last 2 or 3 trading days in december, my trading profits were nearly twice as high! well, that's prolly because of my missing time + attitude, as i just keep my positions running and do not play much with limits, profit takings, etc., but i call that 'strategy', so it's ok!!! otherwise i would prolly overtrade, which could mean even a worse perfomance than this current 'capitalize-your-account-accordingly-and-buy-commodities-at-dips' approach, you know?
  • performance 2009 = +30.98%

c) my market outlook + corresponding strategy?

folks, it is an INFLATIONARY HARD ASSETS RALLY out there, therefore i'm going 2 continue playing my inflation invetsments [gold + SILVER + gold stocks + silverrrrr stocks + commodity stocks + special technologies stocks (lithium batteries, green energy, nanotechnology, ...) against my €uro savings] next year and longer! how long? at least till there will come a president/central banker a la paul volcker, who would really fight against inflation as volcker did ... OR till we will see the ugly state defaults + monertary reforms in the streets ... OR till the dow-gold-ratio tells me, the inflection point is there! btw, there was a great discussion in a former blog thread i've started earlier with charts abt all that paper money added 2 the system + many other reasons why i'm still soooo bullish on commodities ...

of course, you will think i'm just a lazy worthless piece of human trash as my wife soooo often tells me, which i really am, but you know, the world is not gonna 2 change fundamentally every day or even every year! so why 2 write in such strong commodities trend every year a new forecast? you see? well, let's use the old market outlook again (= idea recycling ~ blog post recycling!)

chakka! + let's create a happy new year

... few hours later ... hell, hell, hell! what a beginning of the year! right trend + right time + right strategy = a new (much, much, much higher) all-time-high in my invetsment portfolio (+5.17% right now) and nearly all-time high in my trading account (silver, nat. gas, o-juice, coffee, corn, wheat => approx +18%) => thx, mr. market, thx

... next few hours later ... hell, what a day 2day! both, all time high in my investment portfolio and best single day with +5.52% => watched the avatar movie with the best of all wives (great message! great pictures!) => pina colada + caipirinha in 'el diablo' (mex bar) => folks, i'm such a lucky alien :-)

addendum january 5th, 2010:
oh, my dear! ooooooorange juice +7.33% => i have 4 contracts => new all-time-high in trading account as well ... let's go 2 the weekly trader's club with all-time-highs in both, investment and trading account ...

did i tell already i like 2010 a lot? no? pls consider that as told right now

hell, euphoria is such a nice feeling!

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