Sunday, September 19, 2010

#jarobeats cmc markets!

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yabbadabbadooooo! ive won my fight against cmc which ive boosted/accelerated in june! finally ive made more money out of my (mini) trading account as ive ever paid in :-). well, ive withdrawn 5k €uros in august and 1,600 last thursday, which is already few hundred euros more than i have put in the last 3-4 years in order 2 learn to trade and of course 2 learn sooo much abt myself ... i even plan 2 withdraw next 400 euros on monday cause there is still more margin coverage than i really need ... => ....

... thx my lovely silver, wheat, gas, coffee, sugar, rice, corn, orange juice ... well, now ive left only 4.4k of profits at my cmc account so there is no way i can ever lose (unlike stocks + currencies, commodities cant become worthless overnight, u know?).

thats victory, isnt it? what is so special at this? well, cmc markets is the CFD-broker with the worst reputation, i think ... its really a bad guy broker with sooooo aggressive advertisement, many inexperienced customers, the cmc guys as a 'market maker' make even their own quotes so they very often overshoot the ranges of underlying assets (e.g. commodity futures) and thus take out many stops near the real price curve, ive already complained many times abt wrong order executions and even few times got some money back ... btw, just in case u would like to ask why didnt i take my money out and move to a better broker, heres the answer: at that time i had no appetite, no time, no mood and especially no money to open a next trading account with a much much higher initial account backing needed (usually 5k or 10k instead of 1k @ cmc markets) ... and after all, i have already 5 different trading accounts ... and yes, i like the cmc trading software much better than e.g. its lynx brokers equivalent [lynx is my current low fee canadian mining stocks broker ... and since 2 months also a CFD broker ... but i dont wanna 2 mix up my CFD and stock activities in a single account (that allows me a much much better risk control i believe)]

what 2 do with my new funds? thats easy! #jarobuys aquila resources, bravo gold, tara gold, andover ventures, ... (will continue buying on monday ;-) ...

addendum sept 20, 2010: #jarosells sugar @ 24.24 today morning .... was the daily low realy that deep? why tells nymex it was just 24.26

well, thats karma isnt it? shudda not write abt my dear broker, wudda not get stopped out below the real daily low, is it?

Nymex No. 11 Sugar (hell, 2day's low is 24.26 and not 24.24)

btw, ive entered the sugar market in may, still have 1 contract open, im too tired & too lazy now to bother my calculator in order to compute the gains in terms of percentage, the cash difference per CFD contract is slightly above 1,000 bucks in both cases which is really great, i think:
  • 10.05.2010: 14.21 u.s. cents 
  • 14.05.2010: 13.93 u.s. cents

    btw, as for now, my next stop limit is 23.23 but still hope sugar will go up further 

    addendum 09/21/2010: shopping finished, #jarobuys altona mining, formation metals, enwave corp

    go microcaps go!

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    jaro gruber said...

    is keybord a weapon?

    OMG! thats really true, indeed ... this cmc article was banned in my austrian blog columnn :-(

    what abt free internet? freedom of speach and the like?

    well, cmc markets, one of the occasional sponsors (advertisers) @ didnt like my opinion too much, so the provider took it offline ... instead of improving their service theyve banned the critique? hmmmmm, its like burning of books in the middle ages, isnt it?

    (ive blogs in 3 communities where i post the same article )