Tuesday, April 12, 2011

antimony + gold? adroit resources + rio alto mining!

next two investor presentations this week :-)

  • antimony project in italy, one of very few outside of china ... of course, antimony (Sb) is in a short supply, expensive like hell, rarer than few of the rare earths elements etc + etc ;-)
  • gold / copper / silver / cobalt projects in canada
  • short of cash, still a long way to go in order to advance their properties, share dilution necessary, ... etc + etc .... and yes, the stock is very cheap because of all of that :-)
  • ive given the guys+girls around the CEO greame rowland a chance and bought few shares, subscribed for their newsletter, gonna watch their progress => same procedure as always => good luck, adroit, good luck ;-)
  • start of gold production from the 'oxide rock' at 'la arena' in peru in few weeks (may 2011)
  • well capitalized, no dilution needed
  • an undeveloped vms 'sulfide rock' copper/gold project at 'la arena' in peru in the pipeline (could that really be a wild card 4 the stock performance?)
  • pls dont ask me any questions abt oxides, sulfides and the like ... well, the sympathetic CEO alex black explained it perfectly and i understood it at that time ... unfortunately, all my stupid brains could remember till 2day was oxides equals cheap production process equals a bunch of cash out of the production fast .... and these sulfides stuff seems to be more expensive to crack ... or was it vice versa? who knows and who cares? ... hell, why dont u ask alex directly?
  • IMHO soooo undervalued!
  • btw, rio alto is already my best performing single stock purchase ever (a 27-bagger since december 2008, at that time called 'mexican silver mines', u can google the net / surf rio's (or mine!) website for more details ... it used to be 33-bagger or the like before the recent correction in the stock market took place)
  • well, ive increased my stake at current market price => good luck, rio, good luck again :-)
folks, 2 or 3 days later after next small decrease in the markets are both new purchases down, rio more than adroit ... hell, why do i have such a bad timing with my purchases in 2011? most stocks are still 10-20% down ... stupid me! ive increased my position massively even in the beginning of march ;-( ,,,, out of my many, many, many trials in 2011, only first majestic silver, endeavour silver, great panther silver, nanostart and bravo gold went significantly up (and rescued my YTD balance so far :-) 

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