Monday, April 18, 2011

money, happiness, both?

folks, ive planned 2 write about money ... you know, all these gold / silver / paper / electronic / copper / nickel / etc stuff ... and why it is sooooo important to have sustainable money instead of todays fiat money ... and why is fiat money (and credit) so evil, so war supporting and so planet destructing ... go gold bugs go and let's crash the fraudulent paper money system now :-)

u know what? after ive lost a friend in a motorcycle accident few days ago i somehow feel money isnt soooo important! there are much more important things out there! is it prolly true, that the most valuable things on earth like health, happiness, freedom, love, home, family, joy, intact nature, etc we cant really buy with money? of course, we can buy a doctor, sex, house ... but this really important stuff ... hmmmmm ... well, i will better go to bed now and try 2 think abt this kind of stuff later on ;-)

anyway, lets show ya some mammon we folks admire sooo much:
nickel + copper + ...
wanna turn the page?
here we go:-)

btw, that big copper coin on the left side is an old russian copper coin from 1784 ive won in a competition / bet from excelsior mining at PDAC, my dear :-). well, 2day we prefer dollars or euros, dont we?
... + paper + gold + silver

shoudda turn the page again? why? thats only money, my dear :-)

well, still better than paper:
hyperinflation in germany, 1923, money cheaper than wood => lets fire it, source:

what about these notes?

one more piece of history, american currency used to be a coupon which could be exchanged for gold or silver. not so much anymore ... gold / silver backed currency or fiat money? that would be an easy choice, if we got the chance, wouldn't it?

source: here

damn, what is the largest denomination currency ever issued? one hundred trillion dollars, see the picture + read the story HERE

folks, im such a lucky alien! im healthy, happy, got a great wife and 2 pretty children (or vice versa? or both?), have a roof above my head, great job, interesting hobbies ... well, lets start thinking abt a trip around the world in order 2 see as much as possible of this beautiful planet (that trip doesnt need to be at a stretch, 2 or 3 months for a continent should be enough, i feel)

btw, what's your opinion?

good n8, my dears

ps: i love my crazy wife :o)

pps: happines ... happiness ... happyness ... happinesss? true, do you agree?

seen by my friend pierre daeubner
the best things in life aren't things, sooooo true ~ what a poster in a the living room of our dear friend martina

lets quote pierre as well: geld macht nicht glücklich, aber kein geld macht unglücklich. so true! gonna learn german or rather bother some google web translator? lol

few more quotes about money? well, read this 4 quotes by the french writer voltaire, born 1694 here.


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