Monday, April 18, 2011

why i dont like investors/traders :-=)

yes, i especially dont like to be wrong on the markets myself .... but lets look what did my top 6 positions 2day (in €uros, of course ;-)
  • scorpio mining -12.3%
  • 1st majestic silver -3.2%
  • novagold -0.1%
  • u.s. gold -1.1%
  • orko silver -1.3%
  • endeavour silver -3.9%
damn, what happened 2day? well, after a small intra-day correction climbed gold to its all-time-high $1,496 and silver to its 30-years-high $43.43 per ounce (current quotes) !!!

who is crazy and whos not, my dear mr. market? any lessons learned? yep!
  • the investors/traders know the price of everything and the value of nothing
  • the 2008 panic selling is back in the markets :-(

mad world, isnt it? well, lets go against the crowd again, my gold/silver producers are not going to go bankrupt at these metal prices, are they?

ps: bad luck with my paper silver positions 2day as well: 2 out of 4 contracts sold during the shoooort silver price correction @ $42.42 and 42.24 (with nice profits) only 2 see the silver rally up to $43.43 after that 

pps: i love my crazy wife 

bull & bear at the elevator (source: cover of the german 'austrian economy' finance magazine smart investor)

investors = stupid idiots who sell their stocks even for a price next to nothing and then wonder why fell 'the markets' that low ~ jaro gruber

addendum april 14, 2012 (source of the picture facebook)
soooo true ... when in fear they sell their stuff even at a price next 2 nothing, when greedy no price is high enough :-)

addendum november 2012: same issue, different story ~ coeur d'alene ...
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