Monday, April 18, 2011

why i dont like investors/traders :-=)

yes, i especially dont like to be wrong on the markets myself .... but lets look what did my top 6 positions 2day (in €uros, of course ;-)
  • scorpio mining -12.3%
  • 1st majestic silver -3.2%
  • novagold -0.1%
  • u.s. gold -1.1%
  • orko silver -1.3%
  • endeavour silver -3.9%
damn, what happened 2day? well, after a small intra-day correction climbed gold to its all-time-high $1,496 and silver to its 30-years-high $43.43 per ounce (current quotes) !!!

who is crazy and whos not, my dear mr. market? any lessons learned? yep!
  • the investors/traders know the price of everything and the value of nothing
  • the 2008 panic selling is back in the markets :-(

mad world, isnt it? well, lets go against the crowd again, my gold/silver producers are not going to go bankrupt at these metal prices, are they?

ps: bad luck with my paper silver positions 2day as well: 2 out of 4 contracts sold during the shoooort silver price correction @ $42.42 and 42.24 (with nice profits) only 2 see the silver rally up to $43.43 after that 

pps: i love my crazy wife 

bull & bear at the elevator (source: cover of the german 'austrian economy' finance magazine smart investor)

investors = stupid idiots who sell their stocks even for a price next to nothing and then wonder why fell 'the markets' that low ~ jaro gruber

addendum april 14, 2012 (source of the picture facebook)
soooo true ... when in fear they sell their stuff even at a price next 2 nothing, when greedy no price is high enough :-)

addendum november 2012: same issue, different story ~ coeur d'alene ...


jaro gruber said...

the same story yesterday .... gold hit a new all-time-high at $1,593 per ounce and my mining portfolio was slightly down ... esp the australian companies didnt recognize how high climbed the prices of gold, silver, copper over the last few weeks => OMG !!!

jaro gruber said...

OMG! gold UP, silver UP, gold even at a new high-high-higher all time high $1611 ... what abt the gold/silver mining stocks 2day? well, most of them are down, down, down :-(

hell, how stupid / scared / idiotic are we traders/investors in fact? of course, i run against the crowd again and have bought silvercorp metals, alderon resources, globex mining basically on market opening 2day (most of them would be cheaper right now, for some strange reason beyond my imagination ;=ö)