Wednesday, April 27, 2011

carpathian gold 4 carpathian german ;-)

next investor lunch event @käfer's 2day ...

carpathian gold (TSX: CPN), Au + Cu, romania, brazil ...

imho great prospects => ive increased my struggling initial position @ CAD 0.435 today (my pilot buy is 30% down since end of january, a little bit worse than its peer group in that hard period of time, damn! the dislike button ;-( damn again!

any additional info? ... coming soon ...
well, i liked what CEO dino titaro told, i liked the high management/insiders + institutional involvement (approx 35% and 30% respectively), i didnt like the loooong time to go and the huuuuge amount of money needed in order  to bring the romanian project into production ... well, thats prolly why the stock is still that cheap yet, isnt it? hell, ive just read what ive written abt carpathian earlier, i couldnt put it better 2gether anyway:
  • #jarobuys carpathian gold. why? these euroscandic / fortuna guys who present all that resource companies in munich believe its a fair priced opportunity, so lets give it a try as well :-). well, there is not a single loser in my portfolio out of their recommendations and there are already approx 10-15 'euroscandic' companies out there! its fine if you have s.o. who pre-selects the really promising companies 4u, u see? ... [btw, after the market correction in march+april there are few losers among the euroscandic picks out there ;-(] so whats the story behind carpathian? very very simple! mr. market prices only their brazilian operations, their huuuuge romanian property isnt regarded at all! what if the political / environmental / project financing / etc issues work out well 4 carpathian in romania? that will be a many-bagger then, isnt it? carpathian gold 4 carpathian german like me? that sounds great, my dear!
  • same investment procedure as always: lets buy few shares + apply 4 companys newsletter + follow its development + decide later whether 2 increase the initial investment or not :-)
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