Saturday, June 4, 2011

gerald celente ~ a sad forecast this time ~ hell! hell! hell! lets do against that! lets build up a new warrior! greenpeace's rainbow warrior :-)

addendum october 2012: enjoy this great, great interview gerald celente gave the daily bell in august 2012. dear munich fellows, gerald celente will speak 45 minutes at the precious metals fair in munich next saturday (november 3rd, 2012). don't miss it :-)

as far as i can remember, beside peter joseph (the movie author) also jacque fresco and gerald celente contributed a lot to the sooooo touching zeitgeist addendum movie ... and yes, today i have heard a great, great, great audio interview with gerald celente @ king world news. ENJOY :-)

few key words? revolution, fraudulent fiat money, rising prices of food, gold, silver, revenge for all that bombs thrown in middle/near east, millions of folks moving to europe + usa, bailouts taking money from main street to wall street, revolution ... OMG!

gerald celente @ king world news (16 minutes) 


addendum june 5, 2011: hell! hell! hell!

folks, we cant wait till someone else rescues the world/planet/etc ... WE HAVE TO DO IT ... so why not to start immediately?

well, ive just bought a part of greenpeace's new rainbow warrior ship ... ehhhhm, of course, ive donated for  ... a part of floor is mine! wanna do the same? our planet needs warriors = our planet needs YOU!

=> PLEASE Help Greenpeace build the new Rainbow Warrior. Purchase an item of the new Rainbow Warrior and become its owner. I DID 

what about some update? march 2012, here we go :-)

update october 2013

... and december 2013 with outlook for 2014


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