Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MAN = trucks + buses + engines ... next AGM 2day

2011's AGM 2day: well, after volkswagen (VW) increased its share in MAN above the 30% level, the most important issue was the future cooperation between VW + MAN + SCANIA. my guess? sooner or later there will be only VW or its 100% owned subsidiaries next to seat, skoda, porsche, audi, bentley, lamborghini ... of course its pity, just remember MAN is a really traditional bavarian company with over 250 years of history!

of course, there was a little bit abt MAN's business as well: a successful year is over, higher revenue, profit from operations, dividends, no. 1 market is china prolly because of the huge ship diesel engines sold there ... and yes, MAN went green! ecology, which basically means lower gas consumption) is the no. 1 issue :-)

lets show ya 2 of the products presented:
the next generation ecological / economical truck or just a future truck of the future?

hybrid (city) bus

what abt last years event? just follow this link :-)

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