Sunday, June 5, 2011

wake up, homo sapiens! ~ by chris martenson

wake up, my dear homo sapiens, wake up!

what abt the next chapter? yep, it follows soon ... just let me tell ya if u are not too familiar with all that exponential functions concerning money supply, energy usage, population growth, art extinction, inflation, dwindling savings, corrupt politics and its small dirty buddies in the so called 'central' banks, etc ... so pls stop watching these 'summary' lessons ive posted here and just go through the chapters 1, 2, 3, ..., 17 on, will ya? IMHO it is 100% worth the time spent and yes, it is not the kind of stuff u woudda like 2 enjoy in your 10 free minutes between dinner and checking the stock market results for the day ... u have to take the time needed and btw the videos are soooooo well + understandable + in some way optimistic produced, that u will enjoy them all, i think :-)

chapter 19:

chapter 20 (final chapter: what can we do?):

thx chris 4 all that education u provide 4 free in order to save our planet .... thx, thx, thx!

btw, by coincidence i just donated some money 2day 4 greenpeace's new warrior 4 the nature, the new rainbow warrior ship ... wanna read the story (and also help the nature)? here we go: lets save the planet NOW ;-)

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