Thursday, June 30, 2011

impact silver + energold drilling

investor lunch with impact silver 2day, so i enjoyed the chance to met company representaives again and get some update on operations without having to read the soooo boring drilling news sunny crams full my inbox with. hell, why that strange headline? easy question, my dear! impact + energold share a lot of stuff like e.g. the CEO fred davidson, office rooms in vancouver, some accountants etc and last but not least a success story inside my portfolio!

well, i have built up my impact position in 7 small steps between december 2007 and january 2011 and you know what? despite the bloody mining market collapse since april all of them are in the money for an average gain of 120% => could be worse, isnt it? of course, could be better as well, just look at energold, my sweet drill rig provider. they make money no matter whether their customers find any significant mineralization or not, thats great i believe ;=). well, my tiny position from december 2008 is up 450% ... OMG! .... me, stupid idiot, why didnt i buy 10,0000,000 energold shares when investors sold shares of promising companies for prices next to nothing but only few hundreds shares? ..... hmmmm, any idea out there? well, it was AFTER the crash and thus after ive lost 60%-80% of my wifes+childrens money in the markets and hadnt any money left, honey ;-(

btw, did fred say anything abt the company, its prospects and the like during his presentation? of course he did, but u dont expect my stupid brains remembered a thing or two since lunch time, do u? anyway, lets try 2 put some pieces of the investment puzzle 2gether:
  • silver, lead, zinc, copper, gold in mexico
  • what abt few impact investors? energold drilling, eric sprott (asset mngmt), david morgan, fred, myself ... well, is prolly not the proper order, i think :-)
  • profitable!
  • no debt!
  • they have no NI 43-101 compliant resource base at their 500 tpd plant but produce silver & co anyway! thats strange ... but somehow simpatico, isnt it? why the drill sooooo many expensive holes only for some NI 43-101 reasons when they can just mine their property and generate cash without all this bureaucratic overhead? 
  • next small 200 tpd mill planned in 2012 in order to play a little bit in the surrounding hills before the 'big' decision for the proper big mill (2,000 tpd?) comes to maturity ...
  • different metals + ore grades minable depending on current spot prices ~ a great advantage as well, my dear!
  • ...

anything else? coming soon or never ;-)

addendum june 6, 2011: ive increased my impact position a little bit @ CAD 2 per share yesterday :-)

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