Sunday, June 19, 2011

lago di garda (lake garda), verona, milano, brixen / south tyrol ~ 1 week in northern italy

we have just spent a week at lake garda (lago di garda, gardasee) between sirmione and desenzano, northern italy. well, the lake was cold like ice from the surrounding alp mountains, so we didnt hesitate 2 visit verona, milano, brixen, south tyrol there :-)

lets upload few pictures 1st (prolly too many, so just skip some of them):
  • lago di garda ~ our hotel, sirmione, desenzano 
  • verona ~ a great city! i liked it a lot ... and they have a free wifi on top ;-)
  • milano ~ a nice city square, the remaining part was dissapointing 4 me
  • brixen ~ south tyrol, a beatiful old german/austrian town in northern italy close to the austrian border
will prolly add some insights later on or never, who knows?

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