Saturday, July 9, 2011

stupid €uro-peans, indeed ;-(

why are we europe-ans that stuuuuupid? why dont we (as a group) have own judgement, values, brave hearts etc? why do we always track what has asia, AMERICA, ... done before we decide? why the hell do we 'need' the american rating agencies, FED, government, USD and all other 'imports' to direct our way? why are especially we germans that stupid that we finance the whole 'old' continent without exerting any control / influence or at least set some rules in case future 'support' aka money is needed? why are we afraid to lead?

even in the stock market we dont have our own opinion, just look what happend to the german dax-index when the us market opened low (DAX vs. DJIA):

poor €uro, poor europe, indeed ;-(. well, i was prolly right in my former blog post, wasnt i?

why the hell are we €uro-peans that fearful + stupid? is it abt our genes?
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