Friday, July 15, 2011


where did i steal that picture? here:

investor lunch with gran colombia gold 2day ...
  • biggest colombian gold producer (120' ounces a year) and profitable, of course ... and there is some silver as well! not the typical absolute beginners this time, u see? thats fine with me, could be worse, of course
  • merged with medoro recently and thus prolly 'provided' a lot of uncertainity among its shareholders
  • these guys stock chart is a nightmare ~ from CAD 2 straight down to CAD 0.76 in 7 months
  • stupid me, i would prolly get few shares @ CAD 0.78 on 2days market opening but ive waited few minutes for mr. markets directive (up? down? sideways?) => as i saw that the shiny gold was turning up again i decided its time for my pilot buy => fire! well, i got my shares @ CAD 0.8 which is fine, im a long time investor, anyway
  • colombia is quite stable, safe and foreign investments friendly country nowadays
  • a beauty CEO! btw, she is only 41 and was a colombian ministry of before ... unfortunately, she didnt presented GCM in munich but will hopefully next time, OMD!
  • i liked the presentation a lot cos their geologist + mine operator jose oro (oro? aurum? or? zlato? GOLD!) was a completely different kind of person u woudda expect. it wasnt the professional promoter / salesman who could sell everything 2 everyone. his slow 'spanish' english was also cute 2 hear ... well, u think i could understand a word or two for the very 1st time, dont u? no comments on that even if its true :-) ... nevertheless, im not going to learn english any time soon so u have to suffer reading my gibberish much longer, my dear! lol ;-)
  • damn! ive seldom felt that comfortable and was sure the stuff jose spoke abt is 100% true. of course, i could be wrong, but my intuition liked the company + on top my wife told me in the morning not to waste any additional money on mining stocks => so ive rebelled again and bought few shares, subscribed 4 investor newsletter and gonna learn more abt the company in the future ~ the same procedure as usual, isnt it? of course, there will be some difficulties down the road till GCM reaches an yearly production of approx 600-700 ounces (planned in 2016) and esp a significant mine financing in 2013 needed, but i liked what jose told how theyre going 2 manage the upcoming steps, so what? btw, wanna learn a spanish proverb? thats a too big meat for a small cat! huuuuuh? well, that means GCM is going to focus on its 'company making' marmato open pit gold project 1st and advance its promissing mazamorra copper project later in the future ... sounds solid, doesnt it?
  • the gold price reached its new all-time-high @ $1593/oz today and my crazy mining portfolio is still approx 10% down YTD. thats just unbelievable! are there only scared idiots who tumble out there in the financial markets? damned hell! shoudda tell ya why i hate investors / traders?
  • what abt my other colombian fighters? batero gold is doing well, miranda gold not so well, antioquia gold poor and greystar resources was already shooted out of my portfolio (with a loss) as these jerks didnt get the mine permit recently ... could be better, much better, my dear .... oh heck! my wife is right :-(. but u dont gonna tell her, agreed?
  • go god bugs go!
  • any other insights? coming soon or never :-)
hasta la vista, colombia ....
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