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unfair western wars against libya, iraq, afghanistan, syria, ...

a picture says more than 1,000 word? here we go: Nort Atlantic Terrorist Organization (NATO) at its best 😲
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british journalist lizzy phelan speaks the truth about NATO's war on libya and on africa (11 minutes, english with german subtitles):
link to youtube
a war affects all financial markets (fx, commodities, equities, bonds, ...), isnt it? well, lets help 2 stop 'our' neocolonial war against one of the leaders + biggest supporters africas, LIBYA, in a financial way ~ lets destroy fiat currencies ASAP :-)
source of the picture + great analysis of reasons for western interventions by cameroonian writer Jean-Paul Pougala here :-)

folks, its sooo sad what we ('developed' ~ 'industrialized' ~ 'democratic' ~ NATO nations) do to the whole world ;-(. all the bombs which kills innocent people in iraq, afghanistan, libya  :-( ... and why? do we need that? not at all! we have everything already, dont we? so why all that silly destruction?

btw, which country will be our next victim? any guess out there? iran, syria, north korea, algeria, venezuela, ... anyone else who doesnt follow our dictate? dont 'worry', it is not too difficult to 'invent' a reason for invasion for us, it hasnt be true anyway (iraq's non-existent weapons of mass destruction) ...

of course, there are also many folks in the west who dont support wars + that neocolonial politics and demonstrate in the streets against all that inhuman military actions and 'spending' of our tax money ... we should better help the people in poor countries, shouldnt we?

damn, there are 2 things i cant understand, my dear!
  1. the whole western industrialized world is bankrupt. how the hell can we afford to sent our soldiers around the globe and kill folks in distant countries most of us never been to? it is abt paper money, isnt it? if our money would be gold/silver and we had to earn + save it first, we wouldnt pay our sons (daughter as well?) to go away and become wounded or even killed out there? so lets reject the unfair paper money system, lets close our small dirty central banks, lets withdraw our money from our checking/savings accounts, lets buy gold + silver and step out from the financial casino out there ... easy, isnt it? 
  2. why the hell dont the 'weak' ~ 'developing' ~ 'terrorist' ~ whatever else we call them ~ nations UNITE and stop our easy going victories by destroying one 'enemy' after another ???
there are 2 soooo great articles ive read recently. it is not an easy stuff, of course ... enjoy it anyway and lets join all peaceful minded people all over the world together and stop the insane western wars and planet destruction! wanna join this club?

friends, what about UNITED STATES of WORLD? united by people, not by power elites and/or financial mafia, of course 

NO WAR !!! no money 4 wars ... no support 4 wars ... what abt love, peace, freedom, prosperity, protection of our environment, good life instead? 

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. ~William James
The biggest gap in your life is that between what you know and what you do. ~Steven Covey

addandum october 2011: the forme revolution leader muammar al-gaddafi was killed, whats next for libya?

easy! american + NATO democracy, of course ;-( ... just compare the huuuuge difference: libya without (left) and with 'democracy' ... folks, lets crash our fraudulent western financial-military system asap before the whole world looks like libya :-(
source: facebook

OMG, soooo sad ;-(

the real reasons for war? probably these ones:

or these ones?

libya few months later? here

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